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GOD is watching

 My story.
  As a father who's lost a child, over 38 years in grief,
now my grand-daughter has her name" TAYA"...T.E.D...
In 1978 there was no word to describe a parent who has lost a child..sudden drowning accident.
When I first lost my daughter,"Taya" I struggled to find the words to describe who I was. I was not an orphan, a widow, or a widower- was I an orphan-parent or parent-orphan?
Elisabeth said;" NO, you are Rob we  don't have a term.........yet.......maybe you'll find it someday."

Many years with-out a term and a continued need for one,
I've since authored "Parphent" to define our community of parents-in-grieving. 
I hope to incorporate this word into our world of cultures, so others will be able to identify with our community.

"Time is life...Life is time..."
"HOPE" -Hang On Pain Ends "
"Angels come.....Angels leave......Angels Love....."
notable fact:
One day in history ,
President Abe Lincoln gave his speech ............ after 13th amendment resolution of  the constitution .He mentions these words.
In his closing statement words of , "orphans , widows..mentioned for all lives lost...."..........
  He &Mary also were parents  that lost a child...
No word found then....  or since...
  April 2013 authored : "Parphent"

Welcome ;
Please come in find quotes, poems, sites on grieving, foundations, and more.
  Mission : pray for parents, communicate hope, establish
" Parphent" as a word in Webster Dictionary, global memory
"Taya" {my daughter"Parphent",
the journey is different for each .

"On my way to believe,
Love will comfort. 
Love will never free you from Love.
Love as "Parphent"............forgive. " "Live love..."

The 5 stages;
death and dying:
                       SHOCK,Denial,Anger,Bargaining, Depression,Acceptance .

find my story in book;"Working it Through" Elisabeth Kubler Ross
chapter "Rob"

God had experienced for Himself just what YOU are feeling right now.
      "Taya" Eneka  DeNormandie
my angel.....
" Stairway to heaven"
Ronald Mc Donald house in Chicago was our home to  the parents of children in need of Love and caring....please support this foundation as our friends and family have done and continue.
     Thank you.                                                
Organizations &Foundations ;
look in gate - way for more


different ways of grieving by culture

Culture awareness . Here in USA the melting pot, sometimes culture blends , sometimes clashes, however the grief for parents are the same feeling of loss. Only ceremony in the process may be a different . Respecting cultural difference is needed not only in grieving times.




     *VETERAN  CRISIS HOT LINE # 1-800-273-8255 PRESS  1                                                           
HELP LINE @1-714-639-4673
1-800-784-2433 /
both on

more sites updated upon request;
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